Hey, I am Nadia.

On this blog I will be writing about the things I am most passionate about: cooking, eating and sharing food with my family and friends.

I am a Russian married to a Turkish and currently living in Germany. Mixing and matching foods from different cultures has become a part of my everyday life. I truly enjoy spending time in the kitchen, I love following recipes just as much as I love creating meals from whatever I have on hand.

I do not have any dietary restrictions nor do I follow any specific diet. I eat what I love, trying to choose cleaner, simpler and more sustainable options when possible.

I spent 5 years studying several languages while getting a degree in Linguistics and Translation only to find out that the most important language of all for me is the one I knew all along – the language of food.

Food is my love language and All Your Biscuits is my love letter to the world.